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The mission of West African Christian Ministries is  partnership with Africans for Christ.



The vision of West African Christian Ministries is to see through partnership with African Christians: the evangelization of Africans for Christ, the planting and development of strong indigenous churches and leaders, and the education of Africans for vocation, and discipleship, and empowerment.


Core Values

  1. Faith Based. Jesus Christ is our first value. As we partner with Africans for Christ, we depend upon the guidance of the Lord, accept the authority of the Scriptures, and we make prayer central to our ministry.
  1. Partnering with African Christians. We believe that African Christians know best how to reach and help their own people. We support Africans in ministry chiefly through our prayers and our giving. We approach this ministry as servants, helping wherever we can.
  1. African Development. In view of the poverty and disease in West Africa we desire that our ministry provide various means for meeting the holistic needs of the people.
  1. Interracial Support Team. We value partnering with churches and individuals across a broad spectrum of races and cultures to support West African Christian Ministries.
  1. Honest Stewardship. We endeavor to be fully accountable for the funds entrusted to us through accurate records and dedicating all funds to the ministry.
  1. Good Communication. We will communicate with the supporters of West African Christian Ministries so they will know specific blessings from God, prayer needs and financial needs, and so they will feel that they are really a part of the support team for West African Christian Ministries.


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