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The Ministry of West African Christian Ministries


The Churches

Over fifteen churches have been planted since Moussa returned to Burkina Faso. Some are small and some as big as 100 people.


Elementary Schools

There are presently four elementary schools with over 700 students. Although there is free public education, the government is very poor and is unable to provide schools and teachers for all the children. Children must win a lottery to attend school and even then classes usually have more than 100 students in each. Burkina Faso has a literacy rate of only 30%, so the children who attend the schools of the ministry are very blessed.


Elim Bible Institute

With such a rapidly growing ministry, it is especially important that new church leaders be thoroughly grounded in Godís Word, so Moussa is the sole teacher and administrator of the Bible institute which is very small, but is on three different academic levels. The first level is for those who have only completed sixth grade. The next is college level, and the final is graduate level.

There are other support ministries as wellódistribution of food and medicine, AIDs education, planting of trees to stop the encroachment of the desert, etc. There are monthly training institutes for all church members who are able to attend, summer camps for youth and adults, womenís ministry, and teaching of English as a second language.


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