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A child sponsor is a person, church, group, business, or organization that contributes $30 a month or more to help provide an education for a child in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

What will be the relationship between you as a sponsor and your child?

You will receive a photo and a history of your child, as well as a packet explaining the sponsorship program. You have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your children through writing letters, sending cards and pictures, and giving to our child’s “treat fund” for birthday and holiday gifts and parties. Your child will write to you about three times a year, and you will receive an annual update on your child.

What does your monthly contribution provide?

Only 30% of the people of Burkina Faso, Africa, are able to read. Your contribution enables a child to go to school, to learn to read and write, and to learn about Jesus Christ.

From Judy Hull's trip to Burkina Faso in March, she writes:  "I interviewed children needing sponsors. Every child’s story touched some part of my heart. Let the Lord help you choose a child that you can pray for and provide money for their education."

Contact for information on how to become a child sponsor:

How you can afford to sponsor a child

Choose any one and save $30 per month!

1.         Switch from a latte to a drip coffee and add your own cream for your morning coffee at Starbucks.

2.         Or switch to coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts.

3.         Or make your own coffee at home.

4.         Put an empty coffee cup in the cup holder in your car to collect spare change.

5.         Eat out one less time per month.

6.         Whenever you go through the drive-through, set aside enough money for one child’s meal.

7.         Put a dish on your dresser and empty all your change at the end of the day.

8.         Borrow a movie from the library instead of going to a show.

9.         Buy one less pair of shoes.

10.       Buy one less item of clothing.

11.       Read your morning paper at the library instead of getting it delivered.

12.       Buy house brands at the grocery store for one week a month.

13.       Do your own hair every other time.

14.       Or split with a friend and she does your hair one time and you do hers the next.

15.       Ask your wife to shave the back of your neck to extend the time between haircuts.

16.       Combine errands to cut down on gas money.

17.       Do your own manicure once this month.

18.       Do your own pedicure once this month.

19.       Borrow a book from the library instead of buying it.

      20.       Instead of buying a new outfit, swap things you’re tired of with a friend.



West African Christian Ministries

900 Jefferson Street, Valparaiso IN 46383


Fill in the attached form and include your first monthly investment in the life of a child:

Please enroll me as a

CHILD SPONSOR at $30/month

Circle:  Boy     Girl     Either



City/State/Zip ___________________________________

Phone __________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________

How did you hear about West African Christian Ministries?


Checkmark all that apply:

____ My first monthly contribution of $ ___________is enclosed. I understand I will receive a tax-deductible receipt and information about the child I am sponsoring.

____ I am not able to be a sponsor, but here is a contribution of $_________ for West African Christian Ministries.

____ Send me information about Automatic Funds Transfer.


Make checks payable to:  West African Christian Ministries



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